Transporting the Spider

The Walking Mobile Excavator

The Spider is capable of working with maximum mobility on slopes far greater than 100%.

Even in the water (up to 1.7m high), the Spider is the most suitable machine.  It is able to navigate through swamps and rough, hardly accessible terrain.

Due to its ingenious construction with wheels and legs, the machine has a very low ground impact which is crucial for working in sensitive areas.

Minimal fuel consumption is needed to operate the Spider and fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid is used to protect the environment.

Numerous attachments like  a mulcher, winch, hydraulic breaker, bucket tilter, grapple bucket, clean-up and digging bucket ensure that the Spider can be adjusted and used for any situation.


Innovative & Experienced | Nimble & Efficient

Technical Specifications



Lifting Power:

Tensile Strength:

Break-out Force:


Digging Depth:

Slewing Radius:

Fuel Consumption:

157 HP (116.9 kW) - Perkins Turbo Diesel

From 9980 kg depending on attachment

Lifting power-up to 5500 kg

Up to 69 kN

Up to 92 kN

Up to 8.2 metres

Up to a depth of 6.0 metres

Up to a radius of 2.5 m metres

Avg. 9 liters/hr depending on attachment