Setting the cross-arm of an H-frame structure without the assistance of any conventional equipment.

power line 02.jpg

Supporting the conductor in the process of the structure changeover.


Removing Jersey barriers and exact repositioning is challenging & cost prohibitive - we often decide to walk the Spider over them.


With our crane attachment, we hooked up the ‘unsafe to climb’ pole at the top - removed it and safely dismantled it on the ground.


SPIDEX can pre-set culverts and anchors so the poles can be flown in and installed later.

Winching & rigging up the pole right from an inaccessible location.

The crane (42' reach) attachment was used to deliver the (glass) insulators to the lineman.

power line 06.jpg

Setting poles for hydro companies is one of our specialities.


For setting top-heavy framed poles - we developed a unique rigging solution to complete the job.


Tools and all the supplies had to be flown in via helicopter - SPIDEX works in some very remote locations